I am racist, and so are you.

I am racist, and so are you.

Teespoon of Peace:

Fantastic read.

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And the sooner we both acknowledge this, the sooner we can begin to address the problem. So let’s talk.

“Wait just a minute here, Rachel. You’re like, the least racist person I know. You’re always sharing stuff about race and racism. You couldn’t possibly be racist.”

Here’s the deal. Racism isn’t just guys in white robes and…

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OVPs: Khalil’s Siku ya Elimu kwa Jamii

OVPs: Khalil’s Siku ya Elimu kwa Jamii

Khalil coordinated a 3-day community health program called “Siku ya Elimu kwa Jamii” (Family Education Day). Each day we went to a different village and raised awareness on challenges facing the community such as: HIV/AIDS and VCT testing, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), and Malaria. Of course I taught about malaria prevention, net care and repair and malaria treatment.

The event was a complete…

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World Malaria Day Project Results

World Malaria Day Project Results

April 25th was World Malaria Day/WMD. March – May was our time to shine as the Stomp Out Malaria program coordinators in Kenya and shine we did through the incredible work of our volunteers. In celebration of WMD our volunteers completed 26 projects which reached over 52,000 community members and they are still working to reach even more.

Malaria in Kenya is daunting and a little bit mind…

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What I Like Right Now: Stella Jean

What I Like Right Now: Stella Jean

For the past few years there has been an escalation of the use of Ankara fabric, Kitenge, mud cloth and other fabrics made in Africa or are considered a representation of traditional wear in Africa.

I love these bright prints so no complaints from me, I hope it never goes away.

Stella Jean continues to create my ABSOLUTE favorite fashion collections using these prints. It’s my favorite because…

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Malaria Mural: Using Art to Teach Health

Malaria Mural: Using Art to Teach Health

I rode passed a talented community artists painting a school sign and immediately asked the driver to make a U-Turn. Michael Juma is a brilliant artist and art teacher and was overjoyed at my proposed idea of working with some of my students to make a malaria mural.

The mural is located at Nangina Mixed Primary School, a name you should all be very familiar with, I’ve talked about this school and…

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29th Birthday Celebration in Ethiopia

29th Birthday Celebration in Ethiopia

I’ve heard African Americans say they’ve come to this incredible continent, Africa, and have a feeling of being at home. I’ve visited several countries all of which I instantly loved and none of which I felt instantly at home.

It has sparked my curiosity of my ethnic background though.

This will not be a sad post, but I want to say this, if you are able to trace your ethnic background to your…

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Camp GLOW: Girls Leading Our World…in Funyula

Camp GLOW: Girls Leading Our World…in Funyula

“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud” -Coco Chanel

I coordinated a Camp GLOW: Girls Leading Our World, in my local community where we focused on character development, health/healthy living and professional development. Camp GLOW is a PEPFAR and Peace Corps initiative, they hold large regional camps annually in Kenya. I applied for a grant through World Connect to host…

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What I Like Right Now: Peace Corps PSA – Conversations

What I will be contributing to every conversation, verbatim.

Potential Career Path: Funeral Photographer

Potential Career Path: Funeral Photographer

I’ve done some unexpected things as a Peace Corps Volunteer all of which pale in comparison to my day as a funeral photographer. I just wanted to help my family and they wanted pictures to remember this event.

I was hesitant to take pictures of people crying or saying their final goodbye. Grieving is such a personal experience. Also, I may have been grieving more for this woman who’s name I…

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More Kids with Bears

I had a few remaining bears after my distribution. Here are my faves.

More Kids with Bears

I had a few remaining bears after my distribution. Here are my faves.